May 2nd – That One is on Servais


As the teams new ace, the days that Paxton starts are the days to look forward too this year. The Angels know his pitch hand strong so they stacked eight righties and one lefty (remember that for later) against the the left handed pitcher. He had to pitch inside a lot to the righties and it got him in some trouble with his pitch count and some situations he had to pitch his way out of.

In the 2nd inning there was two on with no outs, he got out of that by striking out the side (beast). In the 3rd he had to work his way out of a base hit, a pass ball and a walk. Still managed to get out of it (beast). After getting some run support in the bottom of the 3rd from some aggressive base running and timely hits by Cano and Cruz, the Angels generated an unearned run on poor execution by Segura trying to double up Simmons on a line drive. In the 5th Trout finally ended his slump against Paxton and with a double and Pujols singled him in. Paxton was only able to get through 5 1/3  even though he didn’t pitch bad. His pitch count was at 105 as he was pulled.

Valencia hits a Solo HR to give the Mariners a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 6th inning.


He’s done this a couple times this year where he will bring pitchers in and they will pitch 1/3 of an inning no problem….and then he takes them out for no reason! Vincent and Rzepcyznksi both pitch 1/3 of an inning. Why? Beats me. Then to make it more confusing he lets Zych pitch 1 2/3 innings.

Heres where it gets STUPID though. The one lefty in the Angels starting line up today, Kole Calhoun, is due up with two outs one on in the top of the 8th. Now Pazos, a left handed pitcher, is warming up in the pen…so he’s coming in right? WRONG. He brings in a righty (Diaz) to face a lefty (Calhoun) who promptly hits a two run homer to give the Angles a 4-3 lead.

The teams bails Servais out in the bottom of the 9th when Cano singled Dyson in to tie the game and push it to extra innings.

FUNNY HOW THINGS WORK OUT: Pazos finds himself pitching against Calhoun in the the top of the 11th. The lefty on lefty matchup that could of easily happened 3 innings earlier and prevented extra innings. Of course he gets Calhoun out. Can’t make this shit up.

Trout walks, Pujols doubles and Gamel takes a bad gamble diving for the ball. Angels score ah whatever cya tomorrow.

Final Score: 5-3 Angels.