May 7th – Another Mariners Comeback, Another Series Win

Another member of the Long Hair crew pitched for the Mariners today. Dillon Overton had a pretty good outing all things considered. There’s like ten thousand injuries so if you think about it he’s like the Mariners’ eighth starter.

The Rangers scored all their runs with out a hit. I think the first run was on a sac fly after a pass ball and the second run was on a bases loaded fielders choice. Bergman came in  relief for Overton and only gave up a sac fly as well. So of course the Mariners find themselves down 3-0 without the Rangers getting a hit to score a run.

It seemed like it was going to be one of those days where the bats just weren’t going to be there but they woke up late in the game. In the 7th Mariners had the bases loaded no outs. Segura drew a walk driving in a run and Valencia got a two out pinch hit single to knock in two which tied the game up at 3.

Enter in Kyle Seager…


In the 8th inning he hits a clutch solo HR to give the Mariners a 4-3 lead and Diaz shuts the door striking out the side. M’s win series against the Angels and the Rangers this home stand and head to Philly and hopefully start off the road trip on a good note.

May 6th – When Does a Shampoo Sponsor Make a Deal With the Mariners?


When I saw the line up earlier today before the game I was like ohhhh shit, It’s about to go DOWN.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 12.32.29 AM

As the starting pitching has gone overlooked as of late, this line up has been producing pretty damn well. You can’t put the “Long Haired Bash Brothers” going back to back in the line up and not expect them to go off. Ben Gamel and Taylor Motter combined for two runs and three RBI’s in the 7th inning just by themselves.

Gotta give credit where credit is due though, the pitching staff has really picked up the slack for the all of the injuries the Mariners have had thus far. Chase De Jong added another quality start for the staff with a line of 6 innings 4 hits 1 run and 3 strikeouts.  Equally as overlooked, the bullpen has been shutting down as well other than a couple mishaps.

It’s been reassuring with the success they’re having despite all the injuries. Whatever they’re feeding them down in AAA keep it going.

Mariners scored seven runs in the 7th to bust the game wide open and have a chance to take the series tomorrow before another Roooooad tripppppp.

Final Score: 8-2 Mariners

May 3rd – Mariners blow it in the 8th yesterday, win it with a comeback in the 8th today.

Royals Mariners Spring Baseball

Segura with a 4 RBI night; HR + game winning hit.

Mariners start off the game strong with a seven pitch 1st inning by Iwakuma and a solo shot by Cano. The duo of Cano and Cruz continue to stay ON FIRE to start May. Cruz hit a ball so hard that in the 4th inning that it hit off the wall and it was still just a single. When you hit the ball a thousand miles per hour I guess you don’t have time to round first.

Iwakuma was ROLLING through the Angels line up but in the 5th Simmons hits a liner back at him off his knee cap. He lets a couple runners on but gets out if it. In the bottom of that inning the offense gets him some more run support. Zuzino started it off with a double, Dyson with a sac bunt and Segura followed that up with homer to deep left to make it 3-0. The inning wasn’t over yet as Nolasco, who was clearly scared to face Cano and Cruz, intentionally walks Cano and tried to pitch around Cruz. Cruz wasn’t having any of that shit and singled home Gamel who had previously doubled to make it 4-0

If you’re fed up with the Mariners having disaster innings and Servais mis-using the bullpen, stop reading.

Sitting for the long  bottom of the 5th clearly affected Iwakuma after getting hit in the knee. Trout took him deep after a walk to cut the lead in half and that was the end of his night. Servais then brings in Pagan for his major league debut and he looked pretty shaky. The only out he got was a HR that Heredia make a ridiculous catch on to rob (early candidate for catch of the year).


He clearly didn’t have it but Servais left him out there to blow the four run lead.

Weird moment on a sac bunt by Maldonado on the Angels. After he was tagged out pretty routinely by Valencia he started to mouth off a little bit. Everyone on the Mariners was pretty confused and the benches did clear for a split second. At the time I was hoping they would fight cause I at least wanted to beat the Angels in something and beating their ass literally would of been amazing. A two run single followed and Mariners trailed 6-4.

THE COMEBACK: With two men on and two outs Motter draws a huge walk to load the bases. Dyson is showing that he might be the best nine hitter in the league with his big hits and today he continued to do so. Dyson doubles in two to tie the game 6-6. Segura comes up and finishes it off with a game winning two run single and Diaz gets the save after a blown save last night (and a bad blown save against the Angels earlier this year). .

Final Score: 8-7 Mariners

May 2nd – That One is on Servais


As the teams new ace, the days that Paxton starts are the days to look forward too this year. The Angels know his pitch hand strong so they stacked eight righties and one lefty (remember that for later) against the the left handed pitcher. He had to pitch inside a lot to the righties and it got him in some trouble with his pitch count and some situations he had to pitch his way out of.

In the 2nd inning there was two on with no outs, he got out of that by striking out the side (beast). In the 3rd he had to work his way out of a base hit, a pass ball and a walk. Still managed to get out of it (beast). After getting some run support in the bottom of the 3rd from some aggressive base running and timely hits by Cano and Cruz, the Angels generated an unearned run on poor execution by Segura trying to double up Simmons on a line drive. In the 5th Trout finally ended his slump against Paxton and with a double and Pujols singled him in. Paxton was only able to get through 5 1/3  even though he didn’t pitch bad. His pitch count was at 105 as he was pulled.

Valencia hits a Solo HR to give the Mariners a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 6th inning.


He’s done this a couple times this year where he will bring pitchers in and they will pitch 1/3 of an inning no problem….and then he takes them out for no reason! Vincent and Rzepcyznksi both pitch 1/3 of an inning. Why? Beats me. Then to make it more confusing he lets Zych pitch 1 2/3 innings.

Heres where it gets STUPID though. The one lefty in the Angels starting line up today, Kole Calhoun, is due up with two outs one on in the top of the 8th. Now Pazos, a left handed pitcher, is warming up in the pen…so he’s coming in right? WRONG. He brings in a righty (Diaz) to face a lefty (Calhoun) who promptly hits a two run homer to give the Angles a 4-3 lead.

The teams bails Servais out in the bottom of the 9th when Cano singled Dyson in to tie the game and push it to extra innings.

FUNNY HOW THINGS WORK OUT: Pazos finds himself pitching against Calhoun in the the top of the 11th. The lefty on lefty matchup that could of easily happened 3 innings earlier and prevented extra innings. Of course he gets Calhoun out. Can’t make this shit up.

Trout walks, Pujols doubles and Gamel takes a bad gamble diving for the ball. Angels score ah whatever cya tomorrow.

Final Score: 5-3 Angels.

April 30th- Lets just get home


A road trip filled with losses, injuries and a bunch of bullshit. Luckily for the Mariners losing by a thousand only counts as one loss in the standings.

Today was Chase De Jong’s first start of his career and his defense did not help him. Not even a little bit. In the 3rd there was a play at the plate on a perfect throw by Cano and it looked like Ruiz made the tag. It seemed pretty clear on the replay that the runner was out but for some reason Scott Servais chose not to challenge. Cool. After that Gamel botched a fly ball to get out of the inning losing it in the sun. Alright, two weird things  happened, what else could happen? Well Segura, who’s a pretty reliable short stop, botches a ground ball (granted it was hit pretty hard) and Servais decided that its just not De Jong’s day and makes the decision to pull him.


Case Fien comes in and has an 11 ERA so I wasn’t expecting much and Lindor doubled in two to make it 7-1. Follow that with a two run homer by Brantley to make it 9-1. NOW the inning is over. 11 batters to the plate, 8 runs and 6 hits later….seriously?

The Mariners had a shot to get back into it in the 6th when Cano, Cruz and Seager all singled in runs to make it 7-4. They then had bases loaded 0 outs and proceeded to get 0 runs out of it! Of course they did. A couple more errors by the mariners and a couple more hits by the Indians and it was over.

Final score: 12-4 Indians.

As you saw in the first game of the Tigers series and the blown game against he Angels, this team is prone to a disaster inning. Something they’ve got to clean up if they want to be a playoff team be a .500 team. (PLEASE)

A couple of good things noted from the road trip – Cruz is on fire, despite injuries to major pieces we still won a series, James Paxton is still MLB’s most under rated starting pitcher and Taylor Motter and Ben Gamel have hair you can’t teach.



April 26th-James Paxton is a BEAST

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners

Paxton was unreal tonight. Just mowing those fuckers down. After 19 runs the game before this is excatly what you need, someone to come in the next day and show the same line up who’s boss.

In the 2nd inning there was a chance of the Tigers getting on the board but Victor Martinez is so slow that he had to hold up at 3rd on a long double. After that double it was 2nd and 3rd one out and Paxton was just like I guess I have to get these guys out and did just that. In the 4th there was two on one out and he struck out the next two. In the 6th inning he had 7 pitch inning! In the 7th he had two on one out again but this time with 99 pitches. No big deal, just get a double play ball and finish with a line of 7 innings pitched, 4 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, and 9 STRIKEOUTS. He’s now 3-0 and I think we need to officially start “Happy James Paxton Day”.

Paxton was a beast and so was the line up. No Seager, no Haniger, apparently no problem. Segura is on fire since coming off the DL and Nelson continues to be on fire. Getting doubles with ease and mashing homers left and right. The thing I like the most about today was how the whole team was having lengthy at bats. Norris had 100 pitches before getting any batters out in the 5th inning. Working the counts and stealing bases (Dyson had 2 and Valencia had 1 SB) puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher and we did just that today.

Last thought: I hope Taylor Motter and Ben Gamel are going to wreak havoc on this league together and we can have the Long Haired Bash Brothers.



April 25th- Blood Bath in Detroit

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 7.47.14 PM

Final Score: Tigers win 19-9

Believe it or not the Mariners actually got off to a hot start…but thats about it. They were aggressive, first pitch swinging, stealing bases, they got off to a early 2-0 lead with King Felix ready to mow fuckers down technically pitching today.

The first inning was real shaky from Hernandez but got out of it with just 1 run and you just hope he’d settle down in the 2nd. Nope. The wheels fell so far off so fast that they were probably just returned to whatever Ford factory they were manufactured in.

Hernandez allowed a 2 run homer and a run on a wild pitch in the 2nd and after getting out the inning he was done for the day. At least Haniger is on fire at the plate. Oh wait he’s taken out of the game after a pick off attempt at first with a strained oblique. Can this be it? Do we have to endure any more today? HAH!

Enter in the bullpen. In the 4th Heston gives a 2 run homer to Upton and a solo shot to Avila to make it 7-2. In the top of the 5th Segura and Valencia go back to back to make it 7-4 and make it not totally out of reach, dragging people back in to watch the massacre that was the bottom of the 5th.

Heston starts off the 5th and is pulled leaving 2 on and 0 outs. In comes Marshall and the Tigers just go ape shit. Singling in runs, doubling in runs, infield singling in runs, how about we just help them out by walking in runs. Even when Dyson throws out a guy at home with a laser from center field to stop it from being 14-4, Zunino was just like ehh whatever and didn’t tag the guy. Scott Servais just left Marshall out there to die basically and the score at the end of the 5th was 16-4. The Tigers had NINETEEN HITS BY THE END OF THE 5TH INNING. A bunch of meaningless runs were added as the game went on to end at 19-9.

I know its only April but someone but can someone in the dugout invest in some smelling salts and pass them around when these guys play road games, 2-10 so far.

Last thought, I don’t usually disagree with taking out a starter when they just don’t have it that day but if thats any indication of whats going to happen you might as well just let Felix try to figure it out.