May 3rd – Mariners blow it in the 8th yesterday, win it with a comeback in the 8th today.

Royals Mariners Spring Baseball

Segura with a 4 RBI night; HR + game winning hit.

Mariners start off the game strong with a seven pitch 1st inning by Iwakuma and a solo shot by Cano. The duo of Cano and Cruz continue to stay ON FIRE to start May. Cruz hit a ball so hard that in the 4th inning that it hit off the wall and it was still just a single. When you hit the ball a thousand miles per hour I guess you don’t have time to round first.

Iwakuma was ROLLING through the Angels line up but in the 5th Simmons hits a liner back at him off his knee cap. He lets a couple runners on but gets out if it. In the bottom of that inning the offense gets him some more run support. Zuzino started it off with a double, Dyson with a sac bunt and Segura followed that up with homer to deep left to make it 3-0. The inning wasn’t over yet as Nolasco, who was clearly scared to face Cano and Cruz, intentionally walks Cano and tried to pitch around Cruz. Cruz wasn’t having any of that shit and singled home Gamel who had previously doubled to make it 4-0

If you’re fed up with the Mariners having disaster innings and Servais mis-using the bullpen, stop reading.

Sitting for the long  bottom of the 5th clearly affected Iwakuma after getting hit in the knee. Trout took him deep after a walk to cut the lead in half and that was the end of his night. Servais then brings in Pagan for his major league debut and he looked pretty shaky. The only out he got was a HR that Heredia make a ridiculous catch on to rob (early candidate for catch of the year).


He clearly didn’t have it but Servais left him out there to blow the four run lead.

Weird moment on a sac bunt by Maldonado on the Angels. After he was tagged out pretty routinely by Valencia he started to mouth off a little bit. Everyone on the Mariners was pretty confused and the benches did clear for a split second. At the time I was hoping they would fight cause I at least wanted to beat the Angels in something and beating their ass literally would of been amazing. A two run single followed and Mariners trailed 6-4.

THE COMEBACK: With two men on and two outs Motter draws a huge walk to load the bases. Dyson is showing that he might be the best nine hitter in the league with his big hits and today he continued to do so. Dyson doubles in two to tie the game 6-6. Segura comes up and finishes it off with a game winning two run single and Diaz gets the save after a blown save last night (and a bad blown save against the Angels earlier this year). .

Final Score: 8-7 Mariners