April 25th- Blood Bath in Detroit

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Final Score: Tigers win 19-9

Believe it or not the Mariners actually got off to a hot start…but thats about it. They were aggressive, first pitch swinging, stealing bases, they got off to a early 2-0 lead with King Felix ready to mow fuckers down technically pitching today.

The first inning was real shaky from Hernandez but got out of it with just 1 run and you just hope he’d settle down in the 2nd. Nope. The wheels fell so far off so fast that they were probably just returned to whatever Ford factory they were manufactured in.

Hernandez allowed a 2 run homer and a run on a wild pitch in the 2nd and after getting out the inning he was done for the day. At least Haniger is on fire at the plate. Oh wait he’s taken out of the game after a pick off attempt at first with a strained oblique. Can this be it? Do we have to endure any more today? HAH!

Enter in the bullpen. In the 4th Heston gives a 2 run homer to Upton and a solo shot to Avila to make it 7-2. In the top of the 5th Segura and Valencia go back to back to make it 7-4 and make it not totally out of reach, dragging people back in to watch the massacre that was the bottom of the 5th.

Heston starts off the 5th and is pulled leaving 2 on and 0 outs. In comes Marshall and the Tigers just go ape shit. Singling in runs, doubling in runs, infield singling in runs, how about we just help them out by walking in runs. Even when Dyson throws out a guy at home with a laser from center field to stop it from being 14-4, Zunino was just like ehh whatever and didn’t tag the guy. Scott Servais just left Marshall out there to die basically and the score at the end of the 5th was 16-4. The Tigers had NINETEEN HITS BY THE END OF THE 5TH INNING. A bunch of meaningless runs were added as the game went on to end at 19-9.

I know its only April but someone but can someone in the dugout invest in some smelling salts and pass them around when these guys play road games, 2-10 so far.

Last thought, I don’t usually disagree with taking out a starter when they just don’t have it that day but if thats any indication of whats going to happen you might as well just let Felix try to figure it out.