Can we talk about John Grudens QB Camp and how STUPID it is?


This show is fucking stupid. The premise of this show is NFL QB prospects going into John Gruden’s fake video room and kind of going over what life will be like as a Professional QB.

My main problem with this segment is his hair cut is the fact that he basically tells the prospects what to do. You know what I could do? Follow simple directions against no defense after specifically being told whats about to happen and what I’m suppose to do. How the fuck does that prove anything?

In this interview with Mitch Trubisky go to the segments at 17:00 – 18:23 and 21:45 till the end of the video.

What is the point?! Is the point to let people know how he will perform when nobodies really trying and everyone knows what to do and the defense knows to not really get in the way? If thats the case and I’m a Bears fan I am now totally relieved. Cause thats going to to translate perfectly.

During this video with DeShaun Watson at 13:00 Gruden says “we’re going to keep it real simple” and at 20:39 he’s literally telling the fake defender what Watson is going to do to him.

Thank god you’re going to keep it simple cause I don’t think he can handle any pressure or any daunting task. Its not like he’s played Alabama in back to back title games. We need to see what he’s like when you baby him through everything. Thanks.

ESPN had to make cutbacks but they also had to make this show happen…. Is it me? Do people actually find this informative?

I guarantee the Browns and Jaguars actually use these to scout.

April 30th- Lets just get home


A road trip filled with losses, injuries and a bunch of bullshit. Luckily for the Mariners losing by a thousand only counts as one loss in the standings.

Today was Chase De Jong’s first start of his career and his defense did not help him. Not even a little bit. In the 3rd there was a play at the plate on a perfect throw by Cano and it looked like Ruiz made the tag. It seemed pretty clear on the replay that the runner was out but for some reason Scott Servais chose not to challenge. Cool. After that Gamel botched a fly ball to get out of the inning losing it in the sun. Alright, two weird things  happened, what else could happen? Well Segura, who’s a pretty reliable short stop, botches a ground ball (granted it was hit pretty hard) and Servais decided that its just not De Jong’s day and makes the decision to pull him.


Case Fien comes in and has an 11 ERA so I wasn’t expecting much and Lindor doubled in two to make it 7-1. Follow that with a two run homer by Brantley to make it 9-1. NOW the inning is over. 11 batters to the plate, 8 runs and 6 hits later….seriously?

The Mariners had a shot to get back into it in the 6th when Cano, Cruz and Seager all singled in runs to make it 7-4. They then had bases loaded 0 outs and proceeded to get 0 runs out of it! Of course they did. A couple more errors by the mariners and a couple more hits by the Indians and it was over.

Final score: 12-4 Indians.

As you saw in the first game of the Tigers series and the blown game against he Angels, this team is prone to a disaster inning. Something they’ve got to clean up if they want to be a playoff team be a .500 team. (PLEASE)

A couple of good things noted from the road trip – Cruz is on fire, despite injuries to major pieces we still won a series, James Paxton is still MLB’s most under rated starting pitcher and Taylor Motter and Ben Gamel have hair you can’t teach.



April 29th- 7 total runs in 1st inning. 0 runs the rest of the game.

Cano got a two out double, Cruz mashed a homer, Seager went back to back, and then Mariners didn’t score the rest of the game….WHAT!?

Now thats weird enough but Cleveland did the same thing. Gallardo had a 40 pitch 1st inning had three walks to load the bases and with a double by Ramirez and a single by Chisenhall the Indians scored four runs to take the lead. And that is basically a recap of the game. After the 1st, Salazar and Gallardo got through the rest of the game pretty effortlessly and both bullpens equally shut down the opposing line ups.

The only time the Mariners had a threat of scoring again was in the 7th against Andrew Miller. Ruiz had a pinch hit walk and Motter should of had a pinch hit walk but got called out on strikes on a ridiculous bad call. Heres a picture of the called third strike. unnamed-6

Looks a little low there ump, get out of my face with that bullshit. That would of loaded the bases with 1 out and the top of the line up coming up so they most likely would of tied the game.

Final Score – 4-3 Indians

Last thought: Lets go take the series tomorrow and then come on home for some home cooking’.

April 28th – Pitching/Long ball leads to three game winning streak

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners

Ben Gamel (1/2 of the Long Haired Bash Bro’s) came up from AAA Tacoma three days ago and had a game winning RBI hit yesterday and a double/Home run today. This dude is a stud and things are looking up for the Mariners as they’ve won three in as row.

Cano also went yard today to get the Mariners on the board first and to get Miranda the win. Miranda started slow in the first inning but got out of it with no runs. He then settled down and was flawless other than a solo Shot in the 4th. He went 5 1/3, 2 hits, 1 run, 2 walks and seven strikeouts and turned it over to to James Pazos who has a CANNON on his arm. He came in and struck out the first 4 batters I think reaching 99 a couple teams. Just throwing gas right by the Indians and it was clear his filthiness took them by surprise.

Diaz came in and got a big out in the bottom of the 8th just going after Encarnacion and striking him out to get out of RISP situation. He gets through the 9th 1-2-3 and ahhhh its so nice to have a reliable bullpen/closer situation.

Lets make it 4 in a row tomorrow boys!


April 27th – Getting Jiggy With it/Long Haired Bash Brothers Finish it off


I tweeted at the Mariners account on the 26th that they should play Getting Jiggy with it by Will Smith pre game and Paxton/the lineup went out there and tore the Tigers apart. So I thought I might as well do it again today. The Mariners twitter account replied with “#WhateverItTakes”. And what happened today? Iwakuma tore the Tigers apart. It would be hilarious if it catches on and last a while. But if its good enough for a road series win I’ll take it.

Iwakuma didn’t really have any trouble at all.  Breaking ball city all day today and it gave the Tigers trouble. There were a couple warning track fly balls and a couple of nice plays in the field (especially Heredia’s catch in foul territory) but the only person on the Tigers to get a hit off of him was Tyler Collins. It was a pitchers duel between Verlander and Iwakuma and the only runs scored on each were unearned.

In the 6th the Mariners caught a break when two Tigers collided in the outfield on a Cruz fly ball allowing him to get to second. Seager followed that up by knocking him home and it looked like one of those games where a little break like that can win you the game but in the bottom of the 6th we gave them a break right back. Victor Martinez hit a ball into the shift and Cano was attempting make a tough pop up slide throw and the ball hit off of him far enough away for the runner on second to score.

The Mariners did a good job of getting Verlanders pitch count up but it seems like it doesn’t even matter cause he’s still getting outs no problem with 120 pitches in the 7th.

I thought Servais was getting a little trigger happy with the bullpen. He pulled Iwakuma out with 84 pitches and really no trouble getting through the lineup. And Rzepczynksi got 2 easy outs and was taken out for Zach. All was fine with the Mariners bullpen and finally in the 9th Detroits bullpen makes the first mistake.

Seager hits a double in the top of the 9th and then they just left the rest up to what I call the tag team of “The Long Haired Bash Brothers” featuring Ben Gamel and Taylor Motter.  Gamel singles in Seager to take the lead 2-1 and then 9th Diaz gets two outs and the last out of the game Motter makes a ridiculous catch in the stand on the 1st base side. He’s played SS, 3rd and 1st base over the last 4 games and not even phased by where he’s playing.


April 26th-James Paxton is a BEAST

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners

Paxton was unreal tonight. Just mowing those fuckers down. After 19 runs the game before this is excatly what you need, someone to come in the next day and show the same line up who’s boss.

In the 2nd inning there was a chance of the Tigers getting on the board but Victor Martinez is so slow that he had to hold up at 3rd on a long double. After that double it was 2nd and 3rd one out and Paxton was just like I guess I have to get these guys out and did just that. In the 4th there was two on one out and he struck out the next two. In the 6th inning he had 7 pitch inning! In the 7th he had two on one out again but this time with 99 pitches. No big deal, just get a double play ball and finish with a line of 7 innings pitched, 4 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, and 9 STRIKEOUTS. He’s now 3-0 and I think we need to officially start “Happy James Paxton Day”.

Paxton was a beast and so was the line up. No Seager, no Haniger, apparently no problem. Segura is on fire since coming off the DL and Nelson continues to be on fire. Getting doubles with ease and mashing homers left and right. The thing I like the most about today was how the whole team was having lengthy at bats. Norris had 100 pitches before getting any batters out in the 5th inning. Working the counts and stealing bases (Dyson had 2 and Valencia had 1 SB) puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher and we did just that today.

Last thought: I hope Taylor Motter and Ben Gamel are going to wreak havoc on this league together and we can have the Long Haired Bash Brothers.



Hernandez, Haniger leave team to have injuries evaluated back in Seattle



No big deal. Just the Ace of the pitching staff and the teams promising rookie/hottest hitter so far this year leaving the game early and flying home. Don’t worry about it. I’m not worried about it.

Guess what, I’m very worried about it. You know what I don’t like to hear when I hear news about Felix? That he feels like he has a dead arm. You know what I don’t like to hear when I hear news about hitters? That their oblique is strained. Aside from back problems, a shoulder injury for a pitcher and a oblique injury for a hitter is the worst news you could have. Lets just hope that its all precautionary and no real shitty news comes out in the next couple days.

Of course all this happens the same day Segura comes back off the DL and was smoking the ball. Seager took the day off for a hip injury but says he’s fine….