May 5th – Lose in the 13th on Odor HR, go 0-13 with RISP


MLB: Texas Rangers-Media Day

In the first inning, FOR THE THIRD DAY IN A ROW, a ball up the middle hit our pitcher in the leg. With the news about Paxton and Hernandez already on the DL I would appreciate it if opposing batters would cut it out.

Ben Gamel almost made a nice play in the Right Field corner but the ball went off his glove and into the stand for a ground double, scoring a run. He would make up for it later with a diving catch. I’m really starting to think he dives for a ball every game just to get his hair some slow motion replay air time.

Cano would tie it up with a solo shot in the 4th but other than that Darvish shut the Mariners line up down. He was pretty pissed with the Ump’s strike zone but still managed to only allow one run over seven innings. Mariners had their chances but I believe they went 0-13 with runners in scoring position through out the whole game and you’re obviously not going to win with that stat. Which sucks for Gallardo cause it over shadowed his quality start.

More injuries happened to the bullpen in extras and I think they might set the record for most players on the DL in May. It’s getting ridiculous.

Roughed Odor (best name in baseball) hit a two run shot in the 13th off Pagan and Texas wins. Hopefully tomorrow’s game doesn’t last FIVE HOURS.

Final Score: 3-1 Rangers

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